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Marketing Automation

Effective additional sales with marketing automation is the best-known and largest real estate sales online service in Finland, reaching almost two million different visitors each month. To make existing customers more committed and to boost additional sales of products, Etuovi started using Liana’s marketing automation tool, which was initially tested as a three-month pilot project.

Clear goals provide a good basis for marketing automation

From the beginning, Etuovi has had a clear vision of what they want to achieve with marketing automation. The aim has been to:

  1. Commit existing customers and provide them with useful information about Etuovi services.
  2. Introduce Etuovi services to new customers and facilitate their decision-making at different stages of the buying process. had a clear goal, around which was first built a simple automation. On a good base, it has been easy to start developing longer and more complex automation chains.
Ville Lehtoniemi
Account Director, Liana Technologies
How was the automation implemented? first tested marketing automation through a three-month pilot project during which buying customers were sent personalized information about their purchase.

The first message of automation made customers see concretely the benefits of buying the service. After that, customers were targeted with more sales-oriented communications where they were reminded of the company's product range. The automations also took into account customers' different purchases and targeted communication based on them.

Because the good results of the automation were already visible during the pilot phase of a few months, Etuovi soon started continuous use of Liana’s marketing automation tool as a part of their everyday marketing.

Our mission is to serve the customer as a whole: produce a solution, give it a format, validate the results and emphasize that our cooperation brings value to the customer.
Eija Leinonen
Sales Assistant,
Results of the marketing automation 

The automation messages of have attracted a lot of interest from customers, and have reached an unprecedented number of openings and clicks. Automation letters sent have an opening rate of close to 84 % and click-through rates up to 6 % on average. In addition, the launch of automation has had a clear impact on sales growth in Etuovi products.

Overall, we estimate that communications through marketing automation has had a positive impact on the growth of our products.
Eija Leinonen
Sales Assistant,
Plans for the future

In the future, Etuovi will use marketing automation to make service users' decision-making easier at the buying stage. This will be done by providing them with enough information about the additional visibility products related to the sales announcement.

The fact that a customer is provided with free extra information about the property they are selling, creates customer satisfaction and leads the customer back to the service later on, so they may already be ready for new purchases.


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