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Analyze and improve your website performance

Visitor statistics and analyses are an important part of developing online communication. We support the best analyzing services on the market, such as Google Analytics. Our content management system displays your website’s most important analytics, such as visits, visitors, time spent on your website, and the best and lowest performing pages straight in the admin view.

Create fast and high-performing sites

Website visitors expect high-performing sites for all devices and search engines rate your site based on its loading time. Our servers' capacity is therefore optimized for professional demands and even visitor peaks can be handled without any delays.

Take barrier-free web accessibility into account

Barrier-free accessibility helps all website visitors to find the information they need smoothly. We pay attention to the availability of the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standard guidelines from the beginning of any implementation. The Accessibility Directive, in particular, sets certain requirements for technical implementation and content production that can be easily provided by our tools.

Automate across mobile

Leverage mobile marketing automation for push notifications or in-app messaging. This way, you can nurture leads and follow your customers along their journey.

Deliver timely content with accuracy

With our marketing automation platform, you can create a series of drip campaigns based on a customer's history and behavior. Utilize drip campaigns to activate customers exhibiting low product engagement or to promote complementary services.

Build a strong relationship with your customers

Increasing customer value and loyalty is a global objective and email marketing is one of the best digital channels to raise customer satisfaction. Personalized messages is the best way to build a strong relationship with your customers, and it is possible through advanced segmentation that will provide targeted and relevant content to them:

  • Keep the customer up-to-date on how to best utilize the services they are using with drip-campaigns and video content.
  • Recommend suitable additional services based on current services used.
  • Offer services based on changes in the/your customer lifestyle, such as change of apartment, employment, number of children or city of residence.

Manage your website and add interactive content with a few clicks

Vehicle research starts with browsing online. Our built-in SEO features boost your website in search engines and help a potential buyer find you faster. We design websites with the layout giving you a lot of room for creativity. You can add any type of content to engage drivers – downloadable brochures, 360° previews, customization features and many others.

"For us it was important to choose a clearly responsible company that would offer good support services. We knew that our needs would be taken into consideration in the future development of the software as well.”

Mira Welling
Brand Manager, Land Rover, Inchcape Motors Finland

Integrate with third-party tools and stay ahead of competition

Liana’s content management tool and email marketing platform can be integrated with various third-party tools. Collect data from different sources, such as your CRM or showroom visits and store everything in one system. Utilize multichannel data for sending personalized emails or showing an offer on your site relevant to a certain customer segment. 

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